Design Tips

Fool Proof Rules to Great Interior Design by:

Mark Lewison, Sherri Houtz, and John R. Haigh.

I highly recommend the book "What Would You Do With This Room" It was very insightful, so I thought I would share a few of the rules with you. You may purchase the book at Amazon. In the book the author uses the word "commandments" in stead of rules.

Rule #1 Design For How You Live:

Design for how you live, not how you wished you lived. The design you

create should reflect the person you are and the life you lead. Too many

times we see a beautiful design, but it just won't work in our lifestyle. This

rule would be true with fabrics and color. Choose the ones that work with your family, including kids and pets.

Design for how you live, not how you wish you lived.

Is there a piece of furniture that is of sentimental memory or value to you?

Even if it is dated, use it by incorporating it with your other furnishings.

Your design you create should reflect the person you are and the life you lead.

Be true to yourself... in other words if you like grandma's stuff, use it.

Rule #2 Follow Fashion:

Interior design and fashion are codependent. Trends and colors we wear are

seen in our homes. When getting dressed, no matter what styles we choose,

we abide by certain rules. We use BIG color is small places, we update by

changing our accessories, and we spend the most money on items that will

last. In Interior Design we do the same. The calmest colors are on large walls

or big pieces of furniture. BOLD color and splashy prints are in accents for

our design. Accessories are a good place to incorporate the trends of the

moments, since they are easy and inexpensive to change. Interior Design also follows fashion in the more personal topic of color. If a color looks good on

you, generally it will look good in your room. Try using the colors that you

wear in fashion to decorate your home. Your big color will be neutral, used on the

sofa or the majority of the wall color. Your accessories will be your accents

colors. The book talks about tying all colors together with a "spine color" My

spine color in my home is Applesauce Cake, with my accessories (accents) being rusty red and green. So, go check out your wardrobe, pick out your favorite

items and get inspired!